Ah, brunch. Does it get better than bottomless mimosas and bigger-than-your-head pancakes on a lazy weekend morning?

While it’s understandable that some weekends, you’re far too tired (or hungover) to even notice your surroundings at brunch, there are times when a good view and awesome ambiance will make those heaping piles of bacon so much better.

That’s why we searched for restaurants across the country that not only have seriously delicious food, but also serve that food in a setting that’s worth the trip alone. We found beachfront spots, outdoor patios with views of city skylines, and cozy little kitchens with fun and quirky details.

Ready to find the cutest brunch spot closest to you? Keep reading.


Coastal Kitchen:

Seattle Hit up Coastal Kitchen for brunch and take in the rotating art exhibits. Each season they come up with a new menu and a new collection of art from local artists, which means each visit can feel like an entirely different experience.


Paradise Cove, Malibu:

You can eat your eggs benedict with your toes in the sand here! The restaurant has tables right on the beach, with stunning views of the Pacific Ocean. Or, if you’d rather keep your feet sand-free, the indoor cafe has plenty of charm and the same ocean view


Hotel Del Coronado, San Diego :

How about brunch with a side of history? The Hotel Del Coronado was built in 1888 and was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1977. It’s also where Marilyn Monroe filmed “Some Like It Hot.” Add to that the stunning ballroom where brunch is served and the ocean views and you’ve got a pretty ideal spot.


Wynn The Buffet, Las Vegas :

Vegas is known for over-the-top experiences and amazing buffets, and the Wynn combines the two perfectly. The dining rooms feels straight out of “Alice in Wonderland,” so don’t forget to bring your camera for snapshots between bites of exquisite pastry.


Beatrice & Woodsley, Denver :

There’s no shortage of trees in Colorado, but you don’t really expect to find them inside a restaurant in the heart of Denver. But that’s what you get at Beatrice & Woodsley, plus plenty of other whimsical touches that make dining here a fun experience.


The Loft Restaurant, Zionsville, Indiana :

Just outside Indianapolis is quite possibly the cutest little restaurant ever. It’s situated in the middle of a working farm, so there’s plenty of greenery to gaze at, and the restaurant itself is a charming mix of rustic details and chic cuisine.


Sun in My Belly, Atlanta:

This restaurant looks like it came straight off one of your Pinterest boards. Think colorful mason jars, streamers, and more quirky touches. They’ve even got a ceiling full of balloons — how fun is that?


Cecconi’s Miami Beach, Miami :

Sure, there’s no shortage of beach-front brunch spots in Miami, but for a (beautiful) change of pace, the Cecconi’s courtyard restaurant is perfect. It’s decorated with trees, hanging plants, chandeliers, and more pretty touches perfect for a dressy brunch.


Jones Restaurant, Philadelphia:

If you’re longing for a taste of the “good ol’ days,” Jones will hit the spot. It has a retro feel, but this isn’t your typical greasy spoon. The first clue is the sleek booths (more “Jetsons” than “Brady Bunch”); the second is the extensive brunch cocktail menu — good luck getting that at Denny’s.


Haven Rooftop, New York :

You’ll feel like you’re on top of the city at Haven, which serves brunch on its open-air rooftop above the Sanctuary Hotel. With a light, almost beachy feel, it’s perfect for a sunny day when you want to escape the craziness of the city but still keep an eye on what’s happening.