Antioxidant Chocolate to Keep Your Wrinkles from Showing Up

From the beauty products most commonly used to eliminate undesirable aging signs like wrinkles, can it be possible chocolates can do the same? Well, that’s something to surprise you as researchers from extremely revered institutions like Cambridge and University of London confirm it.

Experiments have proven that chocolates can make the skin smooth and healthy-looking. How? Through the antioxidant content found in these sweets, same content that “keep goldfish gold and flamingos pink” a researcher form Cambridge University explains.

Chocolate-584739A test concluded that for a month of daily chocolate intake, results show blood inflammation lessened and blood supply to the skin became prevalent. Moreover, several trials were employed to adults aged 50 to 60 and amazingly, skin physiology levels were back to 20 to 30 years old. That’s something remarkable! The name of the product was “Esthechoc”, a dark chocolate in a small bar containing free-radical-fighting polyphenols. To those who became participants of the trials, they said they have evidently observed the suppleness and softness of their skin.

Though some perceive that chocolates eradicating wrinkles is vague scientists specializing in anti-aging stood that such reduces the skin from being saggy and wrinkled. In fact, scientists gradually disclose that the favorite treat everyone’s craving for is a wonderful approach to get rid of wrinkles, enhance the skin’s appearance and fight the sun’s damaging rays.

If this amazes you, go try it! Pick a number of dark chocolate squares each day. Keep in mind, it should be dark chocolate since it does best in achieving the results you want like your wrinkles prevented from showing up. Milk and other kinds don’t have the same effect dark chocolate can bring. Also, avoid the “Dutch” kind because it rescinds the helpful flavonols.

This last information will even encourage you to do so. Scientists say that moderate intake of chocolate will also keep you from skin cancer. That’s even a bigger deal so go grab your dark chocolate and eat!