I Tried The Anti-Cellulite Mask That Broke The Internet… Here’s What I Found

I’ve been frustrated by my cellulite forever. So when I heard about this new booty mask that women are swearing helped reduce their cellulite, I got curious. Did it work? Keep reading to find out…

Ask any dermatologist and they’ll tell you: 90% of women have cellulite.

Doesn’t matter if you’re a sculpted Victoria’s Secret angel or a mom of 3 that struggles to find time to work out.

Bottom line is, you’re a woman? You’ve got cellulite.

I don’t remember when I first noticed I’d developed cellulite. But I remember thinking, “Nah, it’s okay. I’ll just run more.”

But…it didn’t go away.

In fact, it got so bad, that I learned every trick in the book to edit out the cellulite from ALL my photos.

I spent HOURS editing the photos before they were uploaded – all because I was ashamed of my cellulite. 

I used image editing apps to remove my cellulite from EVERY photo!

No matter what I did, I couldn’t get rid of it

I was devastated.

And in my desperation to stop it, I ran more, did lunges 5 times a day, and tried every anti-cellulite scrub I found on Pinterest or at the drugstore.

loathed the way it looked. It didn’t matter if I was sitting or standing, it was still there.

I swapped my swimsuit for board shorts and miniskirts for knee-length skirts (or longer – the more I could hide the better).

I was ready to lose all  hope. I thought that this is it, the cellulite isn’t going anywhere and I’ll just have to get used to it…

But then, a couple of months ago, I heard from a friend who’d tried this so-called “miracle” anti-cellulite cream she saw on TV

“Clinically proven to lift & firm the booty”


91% of women who tried it said it reduced their cellulite

Khloe Kardashian adores it. Beauty bloggers are buying it by the dozen.

Women all over America are jumping on it as soon as a store says they’ve got it in stock – and it has sold out multiple times on Amazon and Sephora.com.

Khloe Kardashian revealed on IG: “I found an AMAZING skin tightening cream.. it helped my booty and thighs, tighten everything, get rid of the appearance of my cellulite”

Why? Because this cream – called the B-TIGHT Lift & Firm Booty Mask – contains an exclusive ingredient, Pink PepperSlim™, that has been clinically proven to reduce cellulite by 0.8 inches (2.2 cm) in just 28 days! *

That’s crazy! And at first, it was hard to believe.

After struggling to get rid of my cellulite for so long, could I really reduce its appearance in just 28 days with this one cream?

But with so many positive reviews – and my friend raving about it non-stop – I was curious. And yes, also a bit hopeful.

The ingredients of the B-Tight booty mask were clinically  proven to reduce cellulite

So I got my hands on one and tried it, and this is what I found


Okay, let’s try this. I dipped my fingers into the cream-like pink mask and began to evenly spread all over my booty. I always have trouble with my upper thigh area as well, so I slapped the cream all over and around my thighs too (making sure I didn’t get it in any “no-no” places).

Per the instructions, I was warned that within ten minutes I would start feeling a warm tingling sensation on my booty and thighs.

Survey results of customers who have tried B-TIGHT (maelyscosmetics.com)

Sure enough, the mask started to feel very warm. While the feeling was definitely different, I actually liked it because I felt like it was working. The burning sensation calmed down a bit but lasted mildly for about 2 hours. 

I looked in the mirror and it literally instantly smoothed out the unevenness on my butt and my skin felt tighter.

By the end of week one, I still didn’t see my cellulite disappear. I do have to say that my butt and thighs did seem tighter though. I felt less jiggling in those areas. I felt like my skin was more firm which I was happy with because I’m trying to get that rock hard booty! I just want my dang cellulite to go away!!


I’m still getting used to the fact I have to put booty cream on every day – but don’t worry – I’m keeping up with my 2x a day booty mask experiment.

At first, I didn’t see any changes. I wasn’t surprised. Like, really, a cream that makes cellulite disappear? Who are they kidding?

After a couple of weeks, I gotta say that my derriere DOES feel smootherThe cellulite is still here, but it did fade out a bit. I can’t wait to see if it fades off completely (fingers crossed).


OK, it’s the end of my infamous “booty experiment” and my butt literally never looked better!

I used the booty mask twice every day for a month, and every day I saw a little improvement… I looked at photos I took of my rear before and at the end of the month. There’s no denying it…

My cellulite faded off almost completely and my butt got a much-needed pump.

The best thing, in my opinion, is the confidence boost I got from using this mask. I was always a little insecure of people noticing my butt and thighs, you couldn’t get me in ‘short shorts’ if you tried, but now my butt looks better and perkier in anything that I wear.

I used to be ashamed to wear swimsuits – BUT NOT ANYMORE!

Just the fact that I know my butt looks great makes me start my day with a smile, even if I’m just home alone binging Netflix.

How to get your own jar of B-TIGHT?

Like I said, women everywhere are going crazy for this B-TIGHT Lift & Firm Booty Mask.

It’s so hard to get your hands on even just one of these jars, in fact, it takes 2-3 weeks to get it because of the crazy hype! But if you click the link below – or go to their website right now – you can see if it’s available! So if you’re pumped and ready to see just how quickly this anti-cellulite cream will reduce your cellulite…