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Skin Care tipsYour morning routine is all about preparing your skin for battle, just like how a good breakfast boosts your energy levels and coping abilities for dealing with traffic or those annoying people on the bus or subway. Your skin is hard at work in the a.m. so you need to prep it with an arsenal of helpers like antioxidants and cell energizers to neutralize damaging invaders caused by the sun, smoke, pollution, poor food choices, and stress. So don’t skimp or be stingy in how you care for your skin and don’t make these mistakes.

1. You think you don’t need to cleanse because you did it the night before.

  • “…splashing water on your face DOES NOT count as cleansing…”

2. You take that fresh pimple into your own hands.

  • “…DIY extractions rarely improve the situation”

3. You think that dusting of mineral makeup with SPF is enough sun protection.

4. You forget to moisturize from head to toe.


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Source: Morning Skincare Mistakes – How to Take Care of Your Skin in the Morning | Teen Vogue