Sun Damage Pics That Will Scare You into Using SPF

We could tell you all of the gory side effects of spending too much time in the sun. We could list all of the harm sun damage causes (wrinkles, freckles, tumors, skin cancer). We could scare you with statistics about melanoma and skin cancer (two million people are diagnosed every year). We could tell you the number of people who die every year because of this horrible, mostly preventable disease (as many as 8,800 in 2012). And how’s this for terrifying: every year, there are more new cases of skin cancer diagnosed than breast, prostate, lung and colon cancer … combined


Sun Damage Goes Skin Deep:

This woman’s sun damaged skin is readily seen in a standard photograph, but under RBX imaging, it’s clear the sun damage goes much deeper than meets the eye.


Five Surgeries Later …

Fifteen years after having lentigo maligna (a form of melanoma) excised from her cheek by another surgeon, this patient went to Dr. Andrew Kaufman at the Center for Dermatology Care in Thousand Oaks, Calif. After two laser surgeries a year earlier, which resulted in residual redness, she sought reconstruction for a recurring melanoma. The second image shows the surgical defect after Mohs surgery, a step-by-step tissue removal process. The third image was taken immediately after reconstruction, and the final result shows her healed face. Not all melanoma patients are so lucky.

damaged sun

The Damage Is Done

Photographer Cara Phillips’ stunning ultraviolet photographs have sent the world a chilling message about the effects of sun damage

wrinkles sun exposure

Sun Exposure – Sunscreen = +20 Years on Your Face

This woman, shown pre- and post-Pellevé System, demonstrates the fine lines and loss of collagen that too much sun exposure causes

sun exposure damage

Invisible Damage Courtesy of Tanning Beds

These images taken from a UV scanner demonstrate the effects of the patient using tanning beds for 14 years.

spf 30

SPF 30 Every Day Keeps the Dermo Away

This woman’s hyperpigmentation and sunspots are shown from a baseline appointment to eight weeks after using Obagi Nu-Derm System.

sunscreen is cheap

Sunscreen is Cheap. Lasers? Not so much

This woman’s sun-damaged skin was treated with the Forever Young BBL treatment, a photofacial laser rejuvenation attracted to brown and red pigments in the skin.

uv sun damage screen

There’s More to Sun Damage Than Meets the Eye

More than a third of all Americans have used a tanning bed at some point in their lives, according to a new study published in JAMA Dermatology. Here, a research participant at Canfield Scientific uncovers the sun damage not yet seen by the naked eye.