There is one day in May set aside to celebrate Mother’s Day. This special day is to honor mothers. This is the day to reveal your feelings deep inside by showing kind acts, love expressions and gift-giving that your mother dear will cherish forever.

banner-graphic-mothers-dayBeing a mother is no easy job. A mother has to work 24/7, wake up at midnight to take care of her sick child and even wait up for her teen daughter or son who just began driving. It is a job that is toys scattered everywhere and sandwich spread handprints on the tables. It is a job, even though difficult, mothers happily take because of their unconditional love for their children.

Show to your dear mom how much you appreciate what she does for you and how thankful you are that she is your mother. Let her know how much she means to you through the special gift you will give her. Just any type of gift won’t do. It has to be special.

Each mother is unique and may have a different interest compared to other mothers. You may show your thoughtfulness by finding a meaningful gift. Don’t just get whatever advertisers or marketers are selling and showcasing on commercials.

mothers-day-2013How much are you willing to spend for Mother’s Day?

What can you do for your Mom on her special day based on the budget you have? Gifts can be as simple as an inexpensive keepsake or as extravagant as a very costly jewelry.

You’re tight on budget! Don’t worry mothers still appreciate and love handwritten things and letters from their children. Such gesture signifies acts that come from the heart and gifts that can’t be bought in any store at all.

If you have a limited budget, buy a cheap journal which might probably cost you less than $5. Go ahead and let your creativity shine using the journal, scrapbook letters and other scrapbook trimmings. Now, that’s a unique Mother’s Day gift!

Start off with the inside cover. Use letters that spell out “mother,” “mom,” “love,” and other sentiments you want to place on your cover. You can even place the heading “Mother’s day Special Message for You” on the page 1. Then write a brief message like messages you write in a Mother’s Day card. On the next page, you may write about what you truly love about your mother. Add up treasured memories or funny family bonding moments that you both cherish. The journal will be a present that she will really value.

What would she treasure?

How well do you know her tastes? What does she like to do or wear? Where does she usually go? Don’t spoil your surprise for Mother’s Day by simply asking her what she wants; you can do a little spy work first!

Buy her favorite fragrance! Try to pay attention to the magazines she reads.  Remember the things she said she would like to have. Is there anything she repeatedly talks about? Go ahead and surprise her with the things she likes.

If your mother dear loves to read, buy her favorite novels. You can even add a little effort by asking her favorite book author for a signed bookplate that you can place in a book. Add up a coffee shop gift certificate for her to enjoy a relaxing day sipping her favorite coffee while reading her favorite novel.

Bouquets of flowers will really make her smile. You can give her a bouquet of roses which is the national symbol of love. Find out what her favorite chocolate is. Buy her that. You can put the chocolates in an attractive basket filled with rose petals. Go the extra mile just to surprise her.

Jewelry is an awesome idea for a Mother’s Day gift! Find out what jewelries she likes by looking through photographs of the jewelry she has worn before. Go for necklaces or earrings. If you want, you can also get a lovely mother’s ring inscribed with a special message. You may even find replicas of jewelry worn by your mom’s favorite celebrities.

Frame special photographs or images that are memorable to the both of you. Gift certificates for online shopping or for her favorite restaurant or for movie tickets or music download certificates are truly exciting for her. Make her feel pampered and give her spa certificates. Massages are relaxing and enjoyable! Just choose the most appropriate gift certificates because you don’t want to give her a certificate that she would not use. A salon certificate for a hairstyle or tickets to see her favorite musician will absolutely delight her! You can never go wrong with dinner reservations in her favorite restaurant. Make her breakfast in bed and take care of making her lunch. Let her have the entire day for relaxation and pampering!

New-Mom-Gift-Ideas-shop-640x415Gift Ideas for New Moms

She will appreciate certificates for meals that can be picked up and brought home or certificates for housecleaning services or babysitting certificates. Shopping certificates for comfortable clothes are well-loved! If you wish, you can make a photo album featuring the new mom. You may even give her jewelry celebrating the birth of her child.

Gift Ideas for your lovely wife

She’ll appreciate how thoughtful and romantic you are if you, as her husband, would give her a Mother’s Day gift. You can simply pick flowers and tie them together using a cutie ribbon. Write a poem for her! Arrange a picnic outdoors and prepare her favorite food. Make her feel that you will take care of everything and that she just needs to relax. Give your wife a rosebush! Write and tell her that your love for her is ever-growing. Have a picture of your wife with your children framed. Give her a charm bracelet that would delight her. Prepare a relaxing bath for her with rose petals around the bathroom. Purchase a copy of her favorite book or the latest CD or album of her favorite singer.

Gift ideas for your daughters who are also mothers

If you have a daughter with a child or children, too, then you can also make her day extra special. Get a canvass and have her children press their hands into finger paint and then press their hands on the canvass. You may write the names and ages of her children beside or beneath the handprints. Then, ask the children to write meaningful notes to your daughter. Frame the canvass and present it as a Mother’s Day gift. If you want, you can also take your daughter on a day cruise. Go for a family outing! Make a heart-shaped collage of memorable photographs. Buy her a mug decorated with quotes or mosaics. Buy her cool pajamas to sleep in. Add up extravagant house shoes. Let her go have a date with her husband while you take care of your grandchildren. Buy her an exceptional Mother’s Day locket with minute photographs of her children inside. You may even put a picture of you and your daughter together inside.

Gift Ideas for your Grandmothers

Your grandmother will definitely love framed family portraits. She will also appreciate stepping stones with inscribed names of her children or grandchildren. If you want, you may opt for meaningful grandmother rings or heart charms or jewelry pieces. You may purchase scarves or make personalized memory books. Set up baskets of her favorite goodies like fruits or candies. She will absolutely smile once she receives plants or flowers in pots. Gift certificates for online shopping are really helpful especially if your grandmother has difficulty moving around. The gift of time together with the family is one precious gift grandmothers truly treasure. Making an “I Remember When” book or journal is a creative gift idea you can do. Write a book about the story of her life and give it as a gift. Preserve memories significant to her. Treat her to a meal! She’ll love that. A lot of grandparents usually just stay at home and an outing would be an awesome moment to cherish for them.

Make each Mother’s Day Unique and Special

Mother’s Day is a very exceptional time of the year, and even if you know what your Mother’s favorite cologne is, just don’t give it to each year.  Instead, innovate! Mix up! One year, buy her much loved perfume. But next year, get her spa gift certificates. Then the following year, let her go on a well-deserved vacation some place abroad.  You definitely would like to keep her guessing and showing her that you meticulously check what she needs and wants. She will want to go bragging to her friends about how her children and grandchildren are thankful to her.