Your Lips with an Adorable Color Blend

How many lipsticks do you have? 4? 6? 7? 20?

You say it. From burgundies, pinks, nudes to plums and berries, super bold or just neutral, you got them all! It’s like every woman carries a kit with her unique choice of lipsticks wherever she goes. However, it probably have crossed your mind that even with many options, they’re not just enough to suit your look on either a usual day or special event. A color that can justify your mood, aura, energy and everything about you. If this is the case, then it’s time to boggle up and use those artistic hands to come up with a new flavor to paint on.

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One creative way to come up with a new color that can suit your day-to-day activities is by mixing the lipstick colors you now have. Consider this as your opportunity to multiply your colors the way you want it and the blending you so desire.
The following are basic steps you can follow in blending your colors to have something new:

1.    Choose 2 (or more) lipstick colors
Your creativity begins with an end in mind. If you can see a color you want to have after the mixing, then choose colors belonging to the same color family. However, if you don’t have one you foresee yet then you can run through your lipsticks and choose 2, 3, 4 or more with different textures and effects to blend. Don’t be troubled in picking colors just sort out what you want and what you think will work.

2.    Slice off a small amount of each color
Using a small palette knife or a spatula, take a small portion from the colors you have chosen to mix. Then place them on a small dish or make up palette to be readied for mixing. About the ratio, it’s completely up to you. If you want one color to dominate over the other, then you can add more of it. It all depends on the color you assume will be best for you.

3.    Mix the colors you have chosen
After getting a portion of the colors, it’s now time to mix them all up! Using a clean lip brush, you can blend the colors until they reach the color you can be satisfied about. You can add more colors if you wish. Run your creativity! If you wonder how shades of plums will look, try it out. If bright colors then find it out. Just be mindful to take every mix an opportunity to create new satisfying colors, ones that are beautiful and adorable enough to paint on. Wasting your lipsticks for mixing is not very ideal.

4.    Paint it on
You can then paint the colors on your lips and assess whether they can be a new color to flaunt wherever you go. By doing so, you get to consider whether the lipstick color is the kind you want, if not then try mixing it all up again until you think it comes out best.

5.    Keep it
If you finally have had the color you want, keep it in a small make up pot or container for use. Remember the colors you picked in blending it if ever you wish to make more for yourself or for others who’ll amazingly love your new paint. Presto! You have more colors to choose from for day-to-day activities.

That doesn’t sound difficult. Coming up with new colors is definitely a fun-time to explore and create something better. Buying a new lipstick is not the only solution for a new color, your lipsticks right inside your kit can just be the answer to your wants! So begin with it and be excited to paint your lips with an adorable color blend!